The travelling exhibition is now moving to Santiago de Compostela, where it will be open from 6 June

The travelling exhibition on the Basilica entitled “Gaudí and the Sagrada Família. An inside experience” has successfully completed its stay in Astorga, where 23.000 people came to visit it over the three months it was there. The exhibition moved to Gaudí’s palace in this city in Leon on 20 February and was there through 20 May. In a few days, it will continue on its travels and be moved to Santiago de Compostela, where it will be in the Espacio Cultural del Monasterio de San Martín Pinario, headquarters of the Major Seminary of the capital of Galicia, from 6 June to 30 September.

The exhibition offers visitors a tour of the Basilica, highlighting the architect’s symbols and sources of inspiration, as well as providing a general view of his work and the contributions he made to the world of architecture. In fact, the palace of Astorga was designed as the bishop’s seat by Gaudí himself, one of his first projects and one of the few buildings he designed outside of Catalonia.

During the last quarter of 2017, this exhibition was moved to the Alma Mater Museum in Zaragoza, the first city that hosted it. Five thousand people visited it there.

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