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The Sagrada Família Documentation centre defines, directs and manages all actions taken to research, save, preserve and disseminate the documentary and bibliographic heritage that make it possible to look back over more than a century of history of the temple.
The Centre has inherited the work begun by disciples of Antoni Gaudí, as they needed to recover all the information lost when his studio burnt down in order to be able to continue with construction, staying as true as possible to the original project.
Today, the Documentation centre manages the records generated through the activities of the Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, as well as encouraging research into the life and works of Antoni Gaudí.



Main collection: featuring approximately 3,500 tomes including a large collection of works on Gaudí, as well as others focusing on Modernisme, Architecture, Decorative Arts, Barcelona, Catalan Art, Sculpture, Painting, etc.

Periodicals: with 30.24 linear metres of serial publications dating from 1866 to the present, on the Sagrada Família, Antonio Gaudí and Barcelona, mainly. These include El Propagador de la Devoción a San José, which gives a day-to-day account of the first years of construction on the Temple, as well as other publications on architecture, Catalan society, culture and art: Barcelona Atracción, ¡Cu-Cut!, Miscellanea Barcinonensia, Cuadernos de Arquitectura y Urbanismo , Nexus, etc.

Photos and videos: including more than 10,000 photographs and approximately 8,000 videos showing the progress of the works and the various events held at the Temple: masses, concerts, open days, etc.

Personal collections: donations and bequests from architects and other figures associated with Gaudí and the process of building the temple.

Plans: plans used for construction of the temple of the Sagrada Família. Access to this area is restricted.

Objects: including the inventory of pieces on display at the museum and the Basilica. This area is in charge of managing the movements of these pieces.


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