The Sagrada Família is synonymous with drive, determination and hard work. With constructive challenges, technological innovation and a global benchmark. Gaudí’s masterpiece is entering the final stretch of construction and now has a date of completion: 2026. We are heading towards this year with optimism, tenacity and determination, as well as the desire to make everyone part of this historical moment and the future that is starting to appear on the horizon. Everyone who feels connected to the temple and, in addition to just visiting or admiring it, wants to feel it and experience it.

To do so, the Basilica offers a variety of activities each year, including the Open Doors Days, where we share the evolution of works; family workshops and the Christmas and Easter concerts, which showcase the cultural and emotional side of the Basilica; and the illumination of the façades for various celebrations. All of these activities give visitors the opportunity to forge closer ties to the Sagrada Família and understand how the temple can also be part of our lives and the centre of special moments of shared joy and emotion.

Gaudí’s dream is also a place of worship. So, over the course of the year we hold events to allow visitors to experience Christian values and faith intensely, from the international masses held every Sunday and on holy days of obligation since July 2017 to extraordinary and thanksgiving masses. The atmosphere created inside the Basilica by Gaudí and his disciples invites visitors to reflect and encourages the faithful to live and celebrate within the faith.

We encourage you to experience the Sagrada Família and see how we’ve done so over the past months with these videos: