Light and colour

Gaudí made great use of light to endow his architecture with expressivity and grandeur. Sunlight glistens on the pinnacles of the towers and windows. The rising sun lights up the portals of the Nativity facade, accentuating the joy for life that is the birth of Jesus.

On the Passion facade the interplay of light and shadow produced by the setting sun heightens the sparse and severe character of the facade’s theme, while the Glory facade receives the mid-day sun that will shine on the 16 lanterns of the monumental porch and light up the main entrance to the basilica. See photo gallery

Gaudí said that colour was the expression of life, which is why he decided to make its presence felt in the Sagrada Familia. It is to be found on the cypress on the Nativity facade, on the pinnacles and various crowning elements of the towers and rooftops of the temple, on the episcopal attributes of fruit, ears of corn and grapes – representing the Eucharistic symbols of bread and wine – made of trencadis of Venetian glass, enamelled ceramic of several colours, brick and stone etc.


Inside, apart from the colour provided by the actual construction materials used, such as the different types of stone and tiles in the vaulting, there will be many coloured symbolical features, such as the stained-glass windows and the inscriptions on the lights located in the capitals of the columns in the central nave and crossing, as well as the skylights in the vaults.

This is how we work: the stained glass
Do you know how the stained glass in the basilica is made and installed?

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