This new media outlet aims to share the day-to-day progress and detailed information on Gaudí’s project

On the 134th anniversary of the day Gaudí was named head architect of the works on the temple, and faced with the challenge of completing construction by 2026, the Sagrada Família has decided to launch this blog to share the latest news on the progress of the works on the Basilica. It will serve as a direct channel for communication with those interested in learning more about Gaudí’s masterpiece and its evolution.

The blog focuses on information regarding the temple’s construction and architectural project, and will include articles for the general public and specialists in the tasks being carried out as part of the construction of the Sagrada Família, such as architects and engineers. Additionally, there will be a space to learn about the trades being used at the Basilica.

Over the coming decade, we will witness spectacular changes to the temple. The main one will affect the profile of the temple and, as a result, Barcelona’s skyline. This is the reason this institution has chosen to make the public part of this day-to-day progress over this decade by launching this blog so everyone can learn about what is happening with construction of the Sagrada Família and be part of the process.

Come check it out!

Follow the day-to-day progress of Gaudí’s dream!