Designed for groups, schools and people entering the Temple late in the day

The Sagrada Família has added a new version of the audioguide tour of the Temple that gives visitors the option of learning all about Gaudí’s project in less time. Specifically, this service shortens the route around the Basilica from 45 to 25 minutes, with five stops labelled with special icons on the posts that already mark the spots for the standard audioguide explanations.

This new audioguide is designed specially for groups and schools that, despite having an official guide or professor accompanying them, would like to listen to the explanations of the Temple this system offers. It will also allow visitors who arrive at the Temple after 5:15 pm in the winter or 7:15 pm in the summer to take advantage of this service, as they previously didn’t have time to discover the Temple with the traditional audioguide.

The audioguide express is available in fifteen languages.