Educational tours

Discovering the Temple is the programme of educational tours of the Basilica of the Sagrada Família: an activity designed to use curiosity, observation and discovery as the basis for appreciating the artistic, cultural and spiritual value of the Basilica.

A student-centred tour, with four main resources:

-An extensive offer from which to select what interests the group most

-Educational support materials that allow students to interact with the contents

-A participative group dynamic

-Specialised staff that accompany the group throughout the tour and encourage them to participate

INFANT SCHOOL TOUR (4- to 7-year-olds)

Through a visit in which the students observe, research and question what is before them, they will discover the light, shapes and stories of the Basilica. Three educational proposals:

  • Symbolic / spiritual tour: focused on learning the stories told through the façades and discovering the Basilica’s religious message.
  • Nature / technology tour: allows students to experience researching natural elements such as shapes and light, through enthusiasm and curiosity, to discover the connection between Gaudí’s work and nature.
  • General tour: encouraging students to enjoy the experience of visiting the Sagrada Família, focusing on its cultural side and its beauty.

PRIMARY SCHOOL TOUR (8- to 11-year-olds)

With a conceptual approach, featuring direct experimentation and group work, students will discover different aspects of the Sagrada Família and learn to enjoy its presence in the city of Barcelona, from one of four different viewpoints:

  • Symbolic / spiritual tour: students will discover the religious value of the temple based both on its outer packaging, full of symbols and stories, and interior, with a different concept of a house of God.
  • Nature / technology tour: to discover Gaudí’s analytical abilities and creativity in finding architectural solutions based on nature.
  • History / society tour: in order to situate the Sagrada Família in its timeframe and context of being constructed over three centuries, linked to its location in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood.
  • General tour: with a more general reading of the work, encouraging students to enjoy the experience of visiting the Sagrada Família, focusing on its cultural side and its beauty.

SECONDARY SCHOOL TOUR (12 to 16-year-olds)

Students are invited to discover the project of creating the temple, to help them realise its size and scope and forge emotional bonds. The tour includes a touchscreen tablet that supports the challenges and enigmas posed by the guide. Four types of visit:

  • Symbolic / spiritual tour: covers the wealth of religious codes in the temple, discovering the social function of the place of worship as designed by Gaudí.
  • Nature / technology tour: helps students understand the relationship between architecture and nature, and how Gaudí found innovative, technologically ingenious solutions.
  • History / society tour: analysing the social context of the time in which construction began on the Sagrada Família, its development and the Catalan and cultural values the architect aimed to convey.
  • General tour: a more general reading of the work, focusing on its cultural side and its beauty.
School activities


The “An inspiring project” tour poses the challenge of learning to conceptualise and design highly complex projects. Through a skills-building methodology, students forge bonds with the temple and delve deeper into values such as collaboration and teamwork. With the help of a tablet, they will have access to details that are difficult to see with the naked eye, making it an extremely interactive visit. Two options:

  • Architectural visit: students discover all sides of the architect and his work, especially the different architectural techniques.
  • Symbolic visit: a full tour with specific activities through which students get a deeper look at the symbolic side of Christian faith and history through the architecture and sculpture of the temple.

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