Sing at the Basilica

This option is specifically for choirs interested in singing at the temple. It includes a guided tour of the Basilica of the Sagrada Família to discover its architectural, cultural and spiritual aspects. After the tour, the group will have access to space set aside in front of the Glory Portal to sing a cappella for 20 minutes.

Singing days at the Basilica are from Thursday to Sunday. The tour of the temple lasts one hour and begins at 12:00 noon. Afterwards the group can sing inside the nave. All groups must book ahead of time.

Tour conditions:

  • The guided tour is obligatory; the group cannot only sing.
  • No instruments are allowed inside the Basilica.
  • Choir members must come properly dressed. Please note, there is no place for them to change.
  • The Sagrada Família will provide a music stand, if necessary.
  • The choir may only sing religious music and must provide a list of the songs before the visit for approval.
  • Only a selection of the choirs that apply will be chosen to sing.

To book a tour, send an email to PR and Institutional Relations (

From 1 September until further notice, no bookings with singing can be made due to work inside the Basilica.

For more information, contact Institutional Relations (



Visit with all the family!
Free entry for children aged 10 or under!