This Sagrada Família publication has a new format and contents


TempleTemple, the Sagrada Família magazine, is now available in libraries in Catalonia, where it is sent quarterly so the general public can have access to its contents. On this occasion, however, it also has a new format, larger than normal with new sections and more visual and approachable contents.

The magazine’s main themes remain unchanged, consolidated over its long history. So, there is a section that focuses on Gaudí’s project and the progress of the works, which will now be called Cap al 2026 (Towards 2026), in reference to the year the temple is expected to be finished, and feature an infographic to make the contents more entertaining. In this issue, there is an article explaining the latest tasks carried out on the Passion façade.

There are also a few pages on Easter week, covering all the events the Sagrada Família hosted to celebrate the occasion, and a section on current events. This time, it includes a report on tour guides, in a section called Un dia amb… (A day with…). This new section will share the work of all the different professionals currently involved in making Gaudí’s dream come true. You can also read an interview with Xavi Martínez, the new general director of the Sagrada Família.