A great way to explore the basilica and enjoy spectacular views of the city from 65 metres above the ground.


Of the 18 towers Gaudí planned for the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia there are presently eight completed; four on the Nativity facade and four on the Passion facade.

Tickets for visiting the towers are not included in the basic entry price and can be purchased online as part of the combination ticket “Top views”.

The facades are not joined, and consequently have separate access points. The top of the towers can only be accessed by lift, one on each facade. You can choose to go up either the tower on the Nativity facade with views over the east of Barcelona, or the tower on the Passion facade facing the city centre. Visitors must take the stairs down from the towers, both on the Passion façade and the Nativity façade.

For safety reasons, children younger than 6 cannot go up the towers and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

For safety reasons, people with reduced mobility and those whose ability to move around or interact with their surroundings autonomously and safely is limited by any sort of visual impairment may not visit the towers.

The lifts in the towers will be closed in adverse weather conditions including strong winds and/or rain.