Travelling exhibition

Travelling exhibition «Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia» 

The construction board of the Sagrada Familia can make the travelling exhibition “Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia” available for religious or cultural organisations interested in promoting Gaudí’s masterpiece and the values of the Basilica.

The exhibition, set out on modular panels, invites the visitor to take a tour of the life and work of the great architect. It takes a look at his early years in which he already showed signs of a distinctly personal style, examines his deeply held religious beliefs, and reviews his main sources of inspiration.

It also deals with the origins of the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s contribution and that of the architects who followed him, as well as the various stages in the construction of the basilica.  His unusual architectural and constructive solutions used in the temple are shown in this display, which also probes the spirituality and religious message he aimed to convey.


The exhibition includes:

  • various panels combining texts, photographs, graphics and plans
  • an audio-visual presentation
  • a model showing how the temple will look when construction is finished
  • a reproduction of a bust of Antoni Gaudí by the artist Josep M. Subirachs
  • an original piece; a cross by the sculptor Carles Mani commissioned by Gaudí

The opportunity to take a virtual tour of the inside of the temple is also on offer. The exhibition layout finishes with a room set aside for prayer and meditation which recreates the atmosphere inside the Sagrada Familia.

The Sagrada Familia, alive and illuminated
A multimedia display in homage to Gaudí and an ode to the creation of the world and mankind.

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